13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (2023)

There are many manga out there that fit the definition of "fantasy" but don't necessarily use that genre label. For example,One pieceECowboy Bebopare fantasy but are not usually described with "fancy" as the main tag. However, there are some brilliant manga series that emphasize the fantastic aspect.

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These stories focus on more classic concepts like monsters, magic, and more. However, some anime fans might not know about them because for some reason these manga still don't have anime adaptation. Omanga-fantasylisted below deserve one and would be wonderful to see on screen.

Updated Feb 9, 2021 by Jacob Buchalter:Defining a manga as a "fantasy" series is the broadest description anyone could use. It's about as bad as describing a video game as an "action" game, as almost every release has a lot of action. Therefore, you will find the best ofbester Fantasy-Mangawho managed to escape adaptation is difficult, as many series fit that description. But we checked again and found some more popular series that are in dire need of an anime adaptation.

13 ground leveling

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (1)

Oseries has an anime adaptation on the way,but since this anime won't arrive until "sometime in 2022", it might still fail. In any case,ground levelingis one of the most popularFantasy-Manga-Seriesin recent memory.

Whether it's Jang-Sung-Rak's stunningly beautiful art, Chugong's engaging storytelling, or the constant sense of character development and development, this series couldn't be better suited for an adaptation. Thankfully, fans should be able to get one soon, though the release date is still unknown. What's more, manwha has also come to an end, which means that when it finally gets tweaked, fans won't have to worry about the classic conundrum of "is there enough manga content to make another season".

12 Hexenhut-Atelier

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (2)

Hexenhut-Atelieris a story that manages to revitalize the concept of magic so that it truly feels like magic again. there is so much to loveHexenhut-Atelier, be it the mystical but understandable rules of the magic circles the witches cast, the different uses of magic between each character, or even just the overarching narrative between the witches and the brimmed hats.

ERAIt's really fun to read because the audience is learning about magic at the same time as Coco (the protagonist), and it gives the setting an overall "wonder" feel. And to top it off, the actual artwork in this manga is stunning! It looks like a beautiful combination of classic storybook art mixed with modern manga aesthetics andERAIt is one ofBest manga without animeout there. Honestly, if it ever gets adjusted,It will be hard for the anime to beat the manga, considering how masterful each composition isHexenhut-Atelier.

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11 Omniscient reader's point of view

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (3)

There is a kind of scenario trope, specifically in fantasy manwha, comparable to the isekai trope of modern manga. Summarizing in a few words, it is common for manga or fantasy manwhas to have an environment where the world is invaded by beings from another planet, universe or reality, causing the rules of the central world to change. Whether it's dungeons, monsters that suddenly appear, or the world itself becoming a game, it's a common narrative in this type of manwha, and almost always the main character is extremely weak at the beginning.Omniscient reader's point of viewit's one of those stories, but it's a lot more memorable thanks to the main character, Kim Dokja, who knows the general events in advance.

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It turns out that Dokja, who loves web novels, read Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse and now has an invaluable benefit when the events of that book come true for him. And since the story wasn't very popular, Dokja is one of the few people in the world who knows the best ways to advance in this fantastic new world. Furthermore, Dokja is also constantly at odds with the story's protagonist, Yoo Joonghyuk, who has also lived in this world several times, but in a different sense. It has the best fantasy tropes while still having the feel of a classic Isekai story.

10 The Eminence in the Shadows

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (4)

Cid Kagenou is not your normal fantasy manga isekai protagonist type; in fact he doesn't want to be the protagonist at all. Rather than being a hero or villain, Cid wants to be the ever-mysterious mastermind who runs a shadowy organization by night and poses as an inept loser by day.

And the way this manga implements this concept is incredibly hilarious. Kagenou is the consummate comedian MC, one who can easily make himself look like a fool as long as it serves his goals. And funnily enough, that's exactly what he needs to do to make people think he's just another "mafia character".The Eminence in the Shadowsit has fantastic action, memorable characters, and plenty of heartbreaking laughs. However, as the series is satirical and pokes fun at many classic isekai, fantasy, and action manga tropes,not the best read for someone new to the medium.

9 Kaiju No.8

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (5)

Kaiju Number 8startedReleased in Shonen Jump recently,and differs from standard shonen fantasy manga stories in several ways. The protagonist, Kafka Hibino, is a 32-year-old male, while the standard shonen protagonist is usually much younger. He and the Defense Force constantly encounter monsters instead of going on a journey, which is more common in manwha scenarios than manga scenarios. Finally, it completely changes the power scale, as the protagonist is weaker than the other characters in most scenarios.

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So currently it only released about 50 chaptersTweaking it now would certainly lead to some major plot changes.considering its short length. Still, it's an entirely different series that deserves one somewhere in the future.

8 Dungeon-Mesh

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (6)

This entry fits into the wildly popular “gourmet fantasy” subgenre. while alsoalso excelled in the comedy-manga category.For those who don't know, this "gourmet fantasy" subgenre is full of fantasy stories that put as much emphasis on food as they do on isekai or fantasy elements.

Dungeon-MeshIt is one ofolder examples, published since early 2014,as well as one of the funniest fantasy manga ever. The series captivates viewers with a compelling story that seems almost too good for its wacky concept. Although massively underrated for its quality,Dungeon-Meshis absolutely one of the most popular manga without an anime adaptation.

7 ghost circle

Before reincarnation stories werethe latest fashion in the form of isekai or second life manga and anime,ghost circlewas (and still is) one of the greats. It only lasted four years, from 2012 to 2016, but that was enough time to garner a ton of followers. It manages to tell a story that bounces between the different time periods and reincarnations of two characters, and it avoids getting too confusing.

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at its core,ghost circleit's a school romance series with a good mix of fantasy, and both aspects are masterfully executed. The only major issue is its art style, which is a bit simplistic and would be a bit difficult to translate into modern anime stylistic trends. ifRei Shamanbut you can, you canghost circle.

6 by psi

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There is a tendency towards the "battle royale" genre of fantasy storiesby psi.by psihave something in common withFighting game in 5 seconds, an anime that aired recently, butby psicame much earlier. is similar toTAND Headquarters, in which characters use landlines to transport themselves to an alternate world where they can use superpowers and are in constant danger; However, instead of martial arts, they use psychic abilities, or "psi".

The best thing aboutby psiit's just that it's nearly impossible to tell at any point where the story is going, which is always a big plus for a mystery-thriller series. AND,thanks to other awesome modern psychic anime adaptations like Mob Psycho 100,Of courseby psiit would do well to get the fit it deserves.

5 vigilantes

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (9)

This is weird because technically it's a spin-off ofmy hero academyFranchise. Butvigilantes(which is also released in Shonen Jump) proved a long time ago to be equalmy hero academy, which in some ways surpasses the narrative. For one thing, it's much smaller and focuses on the adventures of a minor protagonist who fights crime on the streets.

Further,vigilantesexplores the nuanced aspects of a world centered around "heroes" and "quirks" that fans have always wondered about while watchingMHA. Se oMHAThe anime will never catch up with the mangavigilantesit would be a fantastic series to adapt to keep fans hooked.

4 fire explosion

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (10)

AschainsawMan Anime will be released before the end of 2021, seems like a good time to talk about itfire explosion,Tatsuki Fujimoto's first manga. This fantastic story almost deserves an adaptation too - even if the plot is a little confusing.

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The main character is a guy named Agni with a "blessing" of infinite regeneration who ended up being set on fire by someone else with the "blessing" of unquenchable flames. This caused an infinite loop, meaning that Agni was always burning alive but could never die. Eventually, he learns to live with the pain enough to regain control of his body and embarks on some of the craziest adventures in manga history. Who wouldn't want to see a story like this animated?

3 Hello

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (11)
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Helloit's an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful serieswhich occurs after the hero has already won.It can be summarized as follows: "He-Man tries to become the new Demon King to fight humanity and make everyone happy."

Helck is "He-Man" in this scenario, and he's as muscular and fair as you'd expect.

He's dating like SaitamaOne punch man, but really smart. It's an amazing series with lots of action, twists and turns and really exciting moments that would make a great anime adaptation.

2 Freeze: Beyond Journey's End

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (12)

at the beginning ofFreeze: Beyond Journey's End, the journey is over, hence the title. The hero's group defeated the demon king and "peace" came to the world. In fact, not long after the story begins, the heavens,The "hero" of the story dies of old age.This might take readers back to the beginning, but that's the point.

The real focus of this story is Freeze, the elf mage of the hero group. In this environment, elves live longer, even longer than normal, and are nearly immortal in terms of longevity. For Frien, this ten-year journey with the hero Heaven, the dwarf warrior Eisen, and the human priest Heiter was nothing more than a drop in the bucket of his life.Freezeit's about many things, but mostly about how a person's legacy defines how they are remembered and how that impact can affect the goodwill of so many other people and create a domino effect of kindness.

1 The Legend of the Northern Blade

13 Best Fantasy Manga That Don't Have Anime (13)

For those familiar with other manhwa series, Murim is a setting or concept used to describe a fantasy world of fantastical martial arts. In such a world, these martial artists can manipulate energy, destroy mountains in one fell swoop, or even fly. this and whereThe Legend of the Northern Bladetakes place with the story focusing on Jin Mu-Won, son of Jin Kwan-Ho, fourth-generation sect leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect.

This manhwa tells the ever-growing story of Jin's journey from a prisoner in his own decaying home to something greater. It's amazing every step of the waythere's non-stop action around every corner,and it also nails the little character moments. That said, it would take an incredibly well-crafted adaptation to really do it justice,because anything that was even a little off-putting would be a crime. For example, if it's thehigh school godAnime adaptation treatment, nothing could be better.

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