20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (2023)

Google is an extremely resourceful company when it comes to incorporating cool features and games into its various products. Google has hidden several great games in its services, includingGoogle search,google doodle,google assistant,google maps, and more. For example, users can easily play Google games just by searching for some strings on Google. No need to download or wait for installation. That's pretty interesting, right? So, in this article, we have compiled a list of all Google games that can be played with some commands on various Google services. Here are the 20 best Google games you should be playing in 2022.

Google hidden games you must play in 2022

As mentioned above, Google Games can be easily found on various Google services. That's why we created different sections to organize the games according to the services.


google search games

In this section, we will list the best Google games that you can play using Google Search.

1. Game of snakes

Snake game has been one of the most fun and light games during the early days of mobile gaming. Nokia phones had this in the past and we loved playing it. So how can Google not give it back to us?Just search for "snake game" on Google or click the link below to play it.You can play the game with all the images, controls and sound. The game provides a great nostalgic experience. Go ahead and try it. If you want to playsimilar snake gameswith better graphics, you can check it by clicking the link.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (1)

Play the snake game

2. Patience

If you want to increase concentration, nothing better than playing Solitaire. It's mostly a single player game so just you and Google.You just need to search for "Solitaire" and it will allow you to play the game at the top of the search results.You can also choose the difficulty level, so that's it. I love the Solitaire look at Google's signature material design. I've been playing this game on Windows for quite some time, so the new look was refreshing. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun while playing this game.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (2)

play solitaire

3. Tic-tac-toe

Tic Tac Toe is theend time killerand Google brought it to the masses with just a Google search.You can search "Tic Tac Toe" in the search box and play against Google. There is also an option to choose the level of difficulty. You can choose between Easy, Medium and Impossible. It looks like Google is putting its AI to work with this Impossible option. Also, you can also play this game against your friend which is great.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (3)

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play tic tac toe

4. Pac-man

Pac Man was one of the most populararcade gamesand even today people want to enjoy the game like it was in the 80s. Then Google brought it back and you can play it with just a Google search. Google "Pac Man" and you'll get a drawing of Pac Man on the results page.Hit the Play button and have fun like the good old days..

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (4)

play pac man

5. Fuga de Atari

Atari Breakout is a classic arcade game developed by Apple's chief engineer Steve Wozniak. Previously, Google made it possible to play the classic game by searching for "Atari Breakout" on Google and then switching to the Image tab. However, this no longer works. Alternatively, you can search for Atari Breakout and visit Google (aka Google Mirror) to simulate the experience. All the image results in Google Mirror will be turned into bricks and the game will start with a ball bouncing on a paddle. Pretty interesting, right? Now go ahead and relive the 70s.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (5)

Atari Breakout Game

6. Zerg Race

Zerg Rush is a game that is as simple as it is challenging. the idea is thatvarious balls will start falling from all corners. If the ball touches the search results, the links will start to disappear. You have to make sure that the balls do not touch the search results by clicking on the balls. Remember, there will be multiple balls from each corner. It's kind of a Thanos snap.Google Easter Eggbut you can prevent it from destroying the balls. So have fun while you save the world. Like Atari Breakout, this one no longer works in Google search, but it still works within elgooG.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (6)

PlayZerg Rush

7. Minefield

Who among us has not been frustrated with the minesweeper game on Windows? My guess is very few. Well, if you want to relive that frustration or finally win this game, you can play it right in your browser. Just Google "Minesweeper" and you'll be able to play. The game is modernized with fun graphics and awesome sound effects. You will enjoy playing or pulling your hair out in frustration.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (7)

play minesweeper

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8. Quick Serve

While Google is making leaps and bounds in machine learning, the company is allowing users to test its ability through simple games.Google launched Quick Draw, an AI experiment, but a kind of game that predicts drawings. It asks the user to draw something on the page, and Google's neural network tries to identify the doodle. As you draw, Google keeps guessing the doodle and it's fun to watch.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (8)

play quick draw

Google Assistant Games

Google Assistant has several great Google games, and believe me, it's a lot of fun to play with a voice-based assistant. There are some interactive games and some are just voice games that can be played on Google Home. These are some of the games I like the most.

9. Picture puzzles

This is an interactive game where the Google Assistant asks questions based on an image. The questions can be really attractive and it will take some time to find an answer. To play this game,call the Google Assistant and say "let me talk to the picture puzzle".You will be in the game instantly. To a good time!

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (9)

10. Sherlock Mysteries

Sherlock Mysteries is a voice game that can also be played on Google Home. If you enjoy solving mysteries or are a fan of Sherlock Holmes in general, you will love this game. Onlyask the wizard to let you speak to Sherlock Mysteries and you will be given a case to handle.The voice assistant basically narrates the story and what happened, giving you time to answer the question. This game is really fascinating and I think you will love it.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (10)

11. Do you feel lucky?

Are You Feeling Lucky is a voice-based game that asks general trivia questions ranging from science to general knowledge. Basically,it's a much more fun quiz because of the background sound effectswhich makes the experience quite pleasant. Also, up to 5 people can participate in the quiz, making it a multiplayer game. In short, if you have time to kill, just tell your Google Assistant "You're feeling lucky" and the test will start immediately. You can also play this game on Google Home.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (11)

12. Curiosities

Are you a person who likes challenges? If so, you will love the time you spend playing Trivia Crack to test your knowledge. The game asks questions about history, sports, art, entertainment, geography, and science. You can access it by saying "Ok Google, play Trivia Crack".

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (12)

13. Pun

Game of Words is a puzzle game where you have to unscramble words from a set of letters. You can talk to the Wizard to enter your guesses before time runs out. The game even has a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players in real time.

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20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (13)

Google doodle games

Google creates doodles every day for its home page, and sometimes the doodles are not just works of art, but interactive games. The games are very fun with all the animations and sounds. So I tried to list some of my favorite Google doodle games. Those doodle-based Google games are no longer on the home page, but you can of course play in the archives.

14. Halloween

In 2016 Google posted a Halloween doodle and it was an amazing interactive game. Basically, there is a cat from Magic Cat Academy who is trying to save his friends from the mischievous spirits. You only have tostart the game and draw the symbols on the screen to scare away the ghosts. As you progress the game becomes more difficult with many ghosts coming from all sides. So far this is the game I have enjoyed the most.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (14)

play halloween

15. grillo

Have you had a rough day and want to play some light games? Well there's a Cricket doodle for you. It allows you to play cricket with great animations and controls. Just click the link below and go ahead. Googlecreated this interactive game during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017and it has been one of my favourites.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (15)

Play Google Cricket

16. Gnome

Google published Gnome doodle in 2018, which is an interactive game based on German garden gnomes. In simple terms, gnomes are small statues placed in gardens. The Germans believe that the gnome protects the garden and brings good luck. So in this game,you have a catapult to launch the gnome to the farthest field of the garden.The further the Gnome travels, the more flowers are planted and you also earn more points. It is a beautiful game and you will enjoy playing it.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (16)

play gnome

17. soccer

Soccer is one of the best interactive games you can play on Google Doodles.It was created during the 2012 Olympics and is still the most popular doodle.to play soccer online. Interactive doodles are quite popular due to the fact that they have no downloads and have great images. You have Google as an opponent kicking the ball to the post and you will have to defend as a goalkeeper. It can get really interesting when you cross certain levels.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (17)

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Play soccer

google chrome games

18. tyrannosaurus rex

Needless to say, T-Rex is the most popular Chrome game known to almost every Chrome user. If you're not familiar with T-Rex, it's basically a not-so-hidden game in Google Chrome that only kicks in when you don't have an internet connection. When the internet goes downjust press the space key on the 'No Internet' tab to start playing. Is this information new to you? I hope not. The game is very smooth and challenging once you pass certain levels. It's a fun game until the internet is restored. If you don't want to wait for your internet connection to go down, click the link below to play.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (18)play tyrannosaurus rex

19. Adventure Text

Text Adventure is an unusual game hidden behind the source code of Chrome. To play the game,Search Google for "text adventure" and press Ctrl+Shift+J if you're on Windows and Cmd+Shift+J if you're on Mac. Under the console you will find an option to play. If you answer yes, you'll be given a set of instructions and asked where the other o,o,g,l,e of the Google logo are. Since you are G, you have to find your other friends o,o,g,l,e. Basically, it is an adventure game for tech nerds.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (19)

google map games

20. Santa Tracker

Since 2004, Google has created a Christmas-themed Santa tracker that allows the user to track Santa by playing various games. There are some fun games with refreshing animations and artwork. If you want to explore the world of Santa Claus, this is a cool game from Google that you can play.Google continues to add new activities and games during the month of December of each year,so be sure to check the website around Christmas time for any surprises.

20 Hidden Google Games You Should Play (20)

Play Santa tracker

frequent questions

How do I enable Google Gravity on my phone?

To enable Google Gravity, search for the term 'Google Gravity' and click the first link that says 'Google Gravity – Mr.doob'. You can also try the correct websiteon here.

What is Google mirror?

Google Mirror, also known as ElgooG, is a mirror version of Google Search. Flips the entire search page and displays the results in a rotated fashion.

What is Google Breakout?

Google Breakout refers to the Atari Breakout developed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. You can see how to play Atari Breakout aton here.

What are some Easter eggs from Google?

My favoriteGoogle Easter Eggof all time is thethanos easter eggthat fits half of the search results. I also find myself somersaulting on the search results page when I'm bored (type 'do a barrel roll' into the Google search box).

Enjoy Google Games in your spare time

Google is a huge conglomerate of tech products, so it has a lot of hidden features and games. From tech nerds to general consumers, there is something for everyone. In this article, I have tried to bring you all interesting and hidden Google games so that you can have fun in short periods. Google has created some great interactive games that I love to play in my spare time. So go through the list and see if you like playing Google games.

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