Compact Lamination Market Size, Forecast, Global Statistics, 2028 (2023)

Updated: May 08, 2023

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The global Solid Laminate Laminate market size was USD 4,081.6 million in 2022. According to our research, the market is expected to reach USD 5,520 million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period. The global COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented and disruptive, with the market experiencing higher-than-expected demand across all regions compared to pre-pandemic levels. The sudden increase in CAGR is attributed to market growth and demand returning to pre-pandemic levels once the pandemic is over.

Solid laminates, also known as solid phenolic core (SPC) or high pressure laminates (HPL), are a type of composite material made from layers of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resins and bonded together under high pressure and temperature. The resulting material is a dense, durable panel with excellent resistance to moisture, impact, scratches and chemicals. Solid laminates are available in a wide range of colors, designs and textures, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications in the construction, interior decoration and transportation industries. Some common applications of solid laminates include wall panels, bathroom partitions, countertops, table tops, cabinet doors and exterior siding. Solid laminates are also known for their sustainability and respect for the environment, as they are made from renewable and recyclable materials and can be produced with low emissions and waste.

Solid laminates are commonly used in interior applications such as wall paneling, bathroom partitions, cabinetry and laboratory surfaces. They are also used in exterior applications such as building facades, exterior cladding and balcony railings. The growth of the solid laminate market is driven by the growing demand for solid laminates in the construction and interior design industry.

Impact of COVID-19: The pandemic has negatively affected the construction and interiors industries, hampering market growth

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global solid laminate market. The pandemic has disrupted the supply chain and solid plate manufacturing operations. The construction and interior design industries have been negatively affected by the pandemic, leading to a decline in demand for solid laminates. However, the market is expected to recover in the post-pandemic period as the construction and interior design sectors are expected to recover.

latest trends

"Growing adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable materials to drive market growth"

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The solid laminate market is witnessing several trends shaping the industry. One of the important trends is the increasing adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the production of solid laminates. Manufacturers use recycled materials and renewable resources to reduce the environmental impact of solid laminates. Another trend is the development of solid antimicrobial films designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses on surfaces.


  • Compact Lamination Market Size, Forecast, Global Statistics, 2028 (2)
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  • type analysis

Depending on the type, the market can be divided into Horizontal, Vertical. Horizontal is the leading market segment by type analysis.

  • With app analytics

Depending on the application, the market can be segmented into Commercial, Residential, Industrial. Commercially, it is the market leader in application analysis.

Determinant factors

"Growing demand from construction industry to drive market growth"

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The construction industry is one of the most important end users of solid laminates. Solid laminates are preferred in the construction industry due to their excellent strength and durability, scratch resistance and easy maintenance. These properties make solid sheets suitable for use in high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools and public restrooms. Growing demand for new buildings and renovation projects in emerging economies such as China and India are driving growth in the solid laminate market. The growth of the construction industry is attributed to urbanization, population growth and increased government spending on infrastructure projects. For example, the Indian government has launched several initiatives, such as Housing for All by 2022 and Smart Cities Mission, which are expected to drive growth in the construction industry and, in turn, the solid laminate market.

"Increased demand from interior design industry to drive market growth"

The interior design industry is another important end user of solid laminates. Solid laminates offer a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, making them ideal for use in a variety of interior design applications such as countertops, table tops and cabinet doors. Additionally, solid laminates offer excellent moisture and heat resistance, making them suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Growing demand for high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing interior products is driving the growth of the solid laminate market. The growth of the interior design industry is attributed to increased disposable income, changing lifestyles, and increased awareness of the importance of interior design in improving the overall appearance of a space.

Inhibitory Factors

"Increased competition from alternative materials hampering market growth"

One of the main challenges in the solid laminate market is increased competition from alternative materials such as glass, metal and natural stone. Glass is preferred for its aesthetic appeal, metal for its strength and durability, and natural stone for its unique texture and color. These materials offer advantages such as increased durability, strength and aesthetic appeal, which drive their adoption in various end-use industries. However, solid laminates have several advantages over these materials. Solid laminates are lightweight, easy to install and require less maintenance than natural stone. Additionally, solid laminates are more affordable than glass and metal, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious customers.

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regional information

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"High demand from the construction and interiors industries in North America to drive market growth in the region"

The North American solid laminate market is driven by high demand from the construction and interior design industries. The construction industry is a large end user of solid laminates and the demand for these materials is expected to continue to grow due to the increasing number of new construction projects and renovations in the area. Solid laminates are widely used in the construction industry for various applications such as wall panels, bathroom partitions and building facades due to their strength, moisture resistance and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable materials for solid sheet production is also contributing to the market growth in the region. Many manufacturers in North America are focusing on developing solid laminates made from recycled materials and using environmentally friendly production methods to meet the growing demand for sustainable building materials.

The Asia-Pacific solid laminate market is expected to grow at the highest rate due to increasing demand from the construction and interior design industries in countries such as China and India. The growing population, rapid urbanization and rising disposable income in the region are driving demand for solid laminates. In China, the construction industry is a major end user of solid laminates, and the demand for these materials is expected to continue to grow due to the growing number of new construction and renovation projects in the country.

Main industry players

"Major players are focusing on partnerships to gain competitive advantage"

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Prominent market participants make collective efforts by collaborating with other companies to stay ahead of the competition. Many companies also invest in new product launches to expand their product portfolio. Mergers and acquisitions are also among the main strategies used by players to expand their product portfolios.

List of market players profiles

  • EGGER (Austria)
  • Fletcher Building (New Zealand)
  • Wilsonart (USA)
  • Greenlam (India)
  • ATI Laminates (USA)
  • TEA (China)
  • Kronospan (Austria)
  • Trespa International (Holland)
  • PFLEIDERER (Germany)
  • Merinos (India)
  • Panolam Industries (Canada)
  • Abet Laminati (Italy)
  • Sonae Indústria (Portugal)
  • OMNOVA Solutions (USA)
  • FORMILINA (China)
  • LAMITECH (Mexico)
  • Industrial Harp (Italy)
  • SWISS CROWN (Switzerland)
  • Dura Tuff (China)
  • Zhengyang (China)
  • Hopewell (China)
  • Guangzhou G&P (China)
  • Stylam (India)
  • Roseburg (USA)
  • Anhui Xima (China)
  • Crown (USA)
  • EDUCATION (China)
  • Gentas (Türkiye)

report coverage

This research presents a report with extensive studies considering the companies present in the market and influencing the forecast period. With detailed studies done, it also offers a comprehensive analysis, inspecting factors such as segmentation, opportunities, industry developments, trends, growth, size, share and constraints. This analysis is subject to change if the underlying factors and potential analysis of market dynamics change.

Compact Laminates market report coverage
Market size value in4081.6 million US dollars in 2022
Market size value vs.5520 million dollars by 2028
Growth rate5.2% CAGR from 2022 to 2028
prognostic period2022-2028
What base?2021
Historical data availableSim
covered sectionsType and Application
regional scopeGlobal


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