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The Eurasian sparrow is the bird of prey most likely to visit gardens, but it is inconspicuous and can be difficult to spot. It can hunt birds in confined spaces and has been known to hunt around 120 different species including thrushes, starlings and even pigeons. It is an agile bird that flies low and fast with few wingbeats to stay hidden from its prey as long as possible. During the breeding season, the male will perform deep, undulating flight displays accompanied by high-pitched calls.

Core items

Scientific name:Efforts are welcome

Status: Resident and Immigrant Breeder

Breeding pairs: 35,000

Wintering birds: 100,000

Conservation status: Green


Length: 28 – 39 cm

Wingspan: 60 – 75 cm

Weight: 110 – 350g

Typical shelf life: 4 years

How are sparrows?

Male house sparrows have bluish-gray upperparts and white underparts with reddish-brown stripes. It is more gray on the chest and belly. The white flight feathers have prominent dark gray bars.

The head is bluish-grey with reddish cheeks, and the chin and upper neck are white. The hooked beak is gray with a black tip and cherry yellow, the eyes are orange surrounded by a yellow eye ring, and the legs and feet are yellow.

Female sparrows are larger than males. The upper part is grayish-brown, and the underparts are white streaked with gray. It does not have the reddish complexion of the male.

Juvenile sparrows are similar to females, but with browner upperparts and wider stripes on the underside than adults.

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How do sparrows breed?

Hawks breed in April and May and produce 1 litter per season. They are monogamous during the breeding season, but usually find new mates for the next season. They nest in coniferous and deciduous woodlands and forests. Both the male and the female build the nest located in the fork of a tree close to the trunk or on a horizontal branch. It's a platform of loose sticks and branches lined with smaller twigs and bark chips.

Hawks lay 2 to 7 smooth, shiny eggs, white or cream, with a blue tinge and heavy dark brown spots, which are incubated by the female for just 32 to 34 days. The young are fed by the female with prey brought by the male. They come out in 26-30 days but are dependent on their parents for food for another 25 days and reach sexual maturity at 1 year.

What do sparrows eat?

Hawks prey on songbirds with females catching larger birds such as pigeons, thrushes and starlings while males prey on tits, pennants, sparrows and finches. They will also catch young rodents, hares and rabbits and other small mammals.

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Where can I see sparrows?

Hawks are seen throughout the year. They breed in forests but venture out into more open gardens and fields, as well as towns and cities. They can be seen in most parts of the UK, except for parts of the Scottish Highlands. Listen for smaller bird calls that usually indicate a sparrow is nearby.

How do the Gavião sound?

Marc Anderson/xeno-canto

Did you know that?

A sparrow's eye color changes as it ages. Young birds have greenish eyes that become more yellow as they grow and eventually turn orange or even red.

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29 answers

  1. For about a year now, a female sparrow has been visiting our garden, and I have been putting out a lot of food for the little birds. I got really lucky and when I made the big bird clock yesterday it landed on the tree and was looking out into the garden, although that ended the bird clock lol. He caught 3 pigeons in our garden and a blackbird which is sad to see but exciting to see and is nature's way of course.


  2. I watched a hawk eat a blackbird in my garden this morning. It was definitely female based on its size, over a foot long (about 40 cm). A very beautiful bird, I felt privileged to observe it.
    This was at Sandiway nr Northwich, Cheshire.


  3. I regularly see a male hawk flying in the creek at the bottom of my garden. It's so fast and agile that it's awe-inspiring. I've seen these birds fly through dense forests so fast that their reflexes must be really amazing. No wonder sparrows and slow-moving starlings are easy prey for these amazing creatures. It's a shame more people don't get to see them in action. Go to the forest yourself.


  4. I had just made some coffee this morning and I looked out my kitchen window and all of a sudden a beautiful male hawk came out of nowhere and landed on my garden fence with a sparrow in its talons. Plucking the wings in the pouring rain, seconds later a very large crow pelted the hawk, it was all over. Nature is the best!!!!!.


  5. Oldbury, West Midlands. Yesterday a female came through my balcony door with a huge pigeon in her talons. He sat and solved the problem for an hour and a half. Thrilling to watch. Such a beautiful bird.


  6. I saw two this morning in my neighbour's garden they got a pig I was surprised to see two hunting together in Cornwall


  7. yesterday I watched a female hawk enjoy her breakfast with pigeons for over an hour. I felt sorry for the pigeon, but fascinating to watch. I live on an estate on the northeast coast.


  8. Seeing one now in the garden eating, he takes


  9. Yesterday there were indications that a bird of prey was in our garden leaving the remains of a kill (collared pigeon). Wow!! I never realized how great women can be. A wonderful sight. Look for pigeons and doves in the Sudbury Suffolk area


  10. Now we have a sparrow in the garden. This is the second time in three days that we know. Just sitting on a plank and waiting for dinner maybe. The garden is usually full of birds, I think he knows that.


  11. I just saw a man on my neighbor's roof. It stayed there for a while and looked every now and then as if it were looking for prey, then relaxed again until it suddenly dropped into the garden, out of sight.


  12. I saw a woman this afternoon in a garden at Keyworth, Notts. He didn't stay long, on the fence. He left with a purpose. Perhaps you saw something worth pursuing.


  13. Only the beautiful female Hawk has entered my garden and is older than a collared pigeon.


  14. I got a beautiful female sparrow for a pigeon breakfast this morning, she was the most amazing sight, I watched her tear and eat before disappearing on her way. I'm in a housing project in Birmingham, UK, caught on camera humming.


    1. Hello! Me too yesterday At Bramley, Rotherham! I flipped the entire feed. It was absolutely amazing. I felt truly blessed! At first I thought it was a kestrel, but now I realized it was a beautiful sparrow! x


  15. Any suggestions as to why the male hawk regularly visits the bird feeding area, even two sitting on the pole last week but never a female in the last two years we've lived here.


    1. Female hawks are larger and will outrun larger birds such as doves and thrushes while the smaller male can only handle smaller birds such as tits and sparrows etc.


  16. The Laws of Nature seem not to apply to humans. And does survival of the fittest apply to us?


    1. And yes. We evolved the way we did because we adapted better to our environment. Or did you think fittest meant strongest? Fool Roy. I should have tried harder in school.


    2. I don't like to eat my neighbor


  17. I saw a handsome man eating breakfast this morning sitting on our grill. I've seen them fly in the field before but never in the garden, it was amazing.


  18. Someone caught a pigeon in the garden yesterday, what an amazing sight! It's been around for a while but until yesterday we had never seen him kill, pigeons are a nuisance and if you keep them under control that's fine, that's how nature works anyway.


  19. I just drank one of my n
    Bird bath absolutely grill am in north liverpool


  20. All of a sudden we had a young female hawk terrorizing the chicks in the Colby Lane area of ​​Appleby in Westmorland.
    She was seen devouring a starling and then finishing off with the blackbird. Now she began to sit in a neighbor's cage, where she feeds her wild birds.

    There is a way to capture this wonderful bird and bring it home.


    1. The short answer is no. Why would you want to design it? It's not terrorizing other birds, it's survival. It is what happens in nature. Other bird species hunt and feed on birds. Everything in nature has its place. We feed wild birds and love to watch them and we have a sparrow that visits our garden. I am honored to have seen this beautiful bird. Predators were hunted to extinction in this country. ALL nature needs our help and protection. Accept it as part of life and leave it alone.


  21. Sitting here having a late lunch and a female hawk landed on the fence right next to me! Incredible. From the bits I've read since then I think she was a young girl ❗️


  22. One in our garden now! Eating your dinner, I find myself in Harvington near Evesham


  23. I just saw a woman in my garden - absolutely beautiful.


  24. I saw one I think in my garden the other day. I have a lot of birds that visit my bird feeders and bird table, so I'm not sure I want them back. But everyone has to eat I guess!


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