The 63 best scavenger hunt riddles (with answers) you will find (2023)

A fun activity for the adventurous, Treasure Hunt puzzles are a simple yet challenging gameplay experience.

For the perfect scavenger hunt, challenge your guests and make them think. We have compiled a list of some of the best scavenger hunt puzzles.

We hope you enjoy them!

short scavenger hunt puzzles

1.) You can see your complexion from my reflection.

2.) I'm heavy and difficult to lift, but I'm not late. It's me?

3.) Turn off the lights and lay your head on me tonight.

4.) I have a head and a tail, but no arms or legs. It's me?
A coin

5.) What has two hands and a face but no arms or legs?

6.) I willingly lie down on the floor and greet you at the door.

The 63 best scavenger hunt riddles (with answers) you will find (1)

Simple treasure hunt puzzles

7.) I open wide and close tight, even when I'm outside, I will protect you at night.
fence door

8.) I clean your dirty clothes so that stains and dirt do not show.
washing machine

9.) I have four legs but no feet. If you get tired, have a seat.

10.) Hanging from the seat with a chain, kicking with your feet, you will gain some height.

11.) I crush the scissors and the paper covers me, what am I?
A year

12.) I have a drain and my head is full of water. You use buttons to make me hotter or colder.

Difficult treasure hunt puzzles

13.) Oscar thinks it's pretty cool, but ask anyone else and they'll tell you, "it really sucks and should be left out."

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14.) All your answers are in this box. Talk to Google.

15.) The drier I get, the wetter I get, what am I?
Hand towel

16.) I have seas without water, coasts without sand, cities without people and mountains without land. It's me?

17.) Never rest, never stand still. Move silently from one hill to another. He doesn't walk, run or jog. Everything is fine where it isn't.

18.) I can bring good news, but I also have junk. I'm creaking and creaking and close with a bang.
Letter box

19.) You make popcorn for the movie. When it is finished, the buzzer will sound.


Fun riddles for the treasure hunt

20.) In this place where the dog sleeps, you'll see that the inside needs a good swing.
dog house

21.) Blow Me Up So I Can Roll; It might burst if I hit a hole.

22.) Everyone keeps walking past me, but everyone has me. It's me?

23.) I get smaller every time I take a bath; it's me?

24.) My doorbell can be loud or quiet, but no matter what, it's time to get up.
Alarm clock

Ver73 tricky puzzles and riddles.

Riddles for children

25.) In here you will find coats and shoes. Keep it organized so you know who's who.

26.) Cows will swallow this blade, but it's not sharp or metallic.

27.) Throw me before you leave, especially when the temperature is low.

28.) Things go in me when they're dirty, but come out clean. You will find me stuck next to my partner.
washing machine

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29.) I will keep your books safe in my backpack. Shut me down before you throw me on my back.

difficult breakthroughs

30.) I nourish my body by eating grass; I can drive on electricity but I prefer gas.

31.) I'm black if you buy me, red if you wear me. When I turn white you know it's time to let me down It's me?

32.) They get big but can be small. They smell great and make a nice gift.

33.) Two in a bedroom, one in a house but none in a kitchen, what am I?
The letter "O".

34.) I start with an E, end with an E and have a letter with me. It's me?

35.) I am extremely humble when I let your clothes fall down.

Tricky treasure hunt puzzles

36.) I sit in a corner while traveling the world. It's me?

37.) Adults use me to carry you; If it rains I'll surely drown.

38.) I can be flat but usually round; Some like to paint me, others like to let me fall. Find the bushes in front and pick me up off the ground.
A year

39.) I can fall off a building and live, but stick me in water and I will die. It's me?

40.) Adults can drink a lot from this pot.
coffee machine

41.) I only have one eye, but I can't see. It's me?

42.) This flat box houses color and sound. It can be found in the living room.

Vermath puzzle.

Creative treasure hunt puzzles

43.) Open me up and see; Inside you will find a frozen treat.

44.) In a bowl or on a hook, hold me anywhere you look. Pin me to a shelf or in your bag before you close it.

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45.) With two wheels I like to roll and take you wherever you want. Not too fast, but rather slow; we don't want to hit a post. It's me?
A bicycle

46.) Can you find something that has keys that don't open locks, with spaces but no spaces, and allows you to enter but not enter?

47.) Our loins are stiff and our contents are pale. We're always ready to tell a story.

48.) I have no life, but I can die; it's me?

49.) You use me after playing in the dirt. If I cum in your eyes it might hurt.

Funny puzzles for your hunt

50. Stretch out and fill a trough; Turn me around and I'll cool you down.
garden hose

51.) I cannot be burned in a fire or drowned in water; it's me?

52.) If I'm hungry, give me some bread; After it pops, bring the spread.

53.) I'm full of holes, but I can hold water. It's me?

54.) When friends come to you with news, let them in when you hear that bell.
door bell

55.) Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and more. Here you will find plenty of food in abundance.

56.) Take me back in the morning, lock me up at night. Let the light shine and envelop me well.

Treasure hunt riddles with answers

57.) This is a house built for a car. Sometimes the garden tools are there.

58.) Here I will glow in the dark for your safety; with two in front you can see where to go.
car headlights

59.) I can't be used until I'm broken; it's me?

60.) You can make paper out of my skin, but I prefer that you use me for some shade.

61.) I'm liquid, but I'm not a drink. Instead, you spit at me in the sink. If you leave without our session, you may not make a good impression.


62.) I find myself next to the TV, with lots of knobs to provide some sound.
remote control

63.) I'm the longest word in the dictionary, but I only have eight letters. It's me?
A lot

Treasure hunt clues and puzzles

64.) When the wind blows, I salute you. Sometimes I'm red, white and blue.

65.) Turn me on when it's dark at night. My brightness surpasses candlelight.

66.) I enjoy adding bubbles. Usually you come to me at night before your day is over.

67.) I have eyes but I can't see.

68.) Give me a touch and I'll give you some foam; I'm useful, especially when you're covered in mud.

69.) People love to make french fries with me.

Frequently asked questions about scavenger hunts

Here are some frequently asked questions about treasure hunts.

What is a treasure hunt?

A Treasure Hunt is a game played by individual players or teams of players in which they are tasked with finding and collecting a series of items without purchasing them. The object of the game is to be the first competitor to come back with all the items.

How did treasure hunts come about?

Treasure hunts are believed to have evolved from popular games played in ancient times.Elsa Maxwell, a well-known gossip columnist, popularized the treasure hunt in the United States in the 1930s.

What is the difference between a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt?

In a scavenger hunt, competitors are usually challenged to find a single item. As a rule, detailed instructions are given. In a treasure hunt, participants must find various items.

von Mia Thorne

Mia is a game designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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Funny riddles and trick questions

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What are some good outdoor scavenger hunt clues? ›

Readymade Treasure Hunt Clues
  • I'm a friend to parents who like things neat. ...
  • I give privacy from the folks next door. ...
  • Everyone loves me. ...
  • I swing out and in to let you through. ...
  • On me, you can speed like a bird in the sky. ...
  • I sit very still when I don't have a rider. ...
  • I have a ring, but you can't wear it.
Oct 6, 2020

How do you make a senior scavenger hunt? ›

Scavenger hunts with your parents are as simple as making a list of items that would already be in the locations and then crossing them off when they find them. Collect “proof.” Make the adventure even more fun by bringing along a digital camera and snapping pictures of your parents with all of the items on the list.

Where do you hide treasure hunt clues? ›

Indoor hiding places
  • Kitchen: fridge, sink, dishwasher, coffee machine, fruit basket, vacuum cleaner, drawers, cupboards, counter, underside of a chair, table.
  • Entrance: doormat, key cupboard, telephone, coat rack.

What are the most famous riddles? ›

William Shakespeare: The Riddle of Venice
  • On the gold casket: “Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire.”
  • On the silver casket: “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.”
  • On the lead casket: “Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath.”
Jul 28, 2021

What is the biggest scavenger hunt? ›

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen
FounderMisha Collins
Most recentJuly 30 - August 6, 2022
Next eventNone (event permanently cancelled)
Participants55,000 (2016)
6 more rows

How do you make a scavenger hunt more interesting? ›

Other neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas:
  1. Find hidden items in the neighborhood.
  2. Find specific landmarks or locations.
  3. Follow hidden clues to find a prize.
  4. Go door-to-door to request items from a list.
  5. Signatures or handwritten notes from neighbors.
Aug 19, 2022

What's a good scavenger hunt prize? ›

You may wonder whether you should award prizes to scavenger hunt winners, and what types of prizes are acceptable.
Affordable Prize Ideas for Work Scavenger Hunt
  • Winning sweets. ...
  • A thoughtful gift voucher. ...
  • A winning team trophy. ...
  • Plant a tree in the name of the winning team. ...
  • Charitable donation.
Oct 6, 2022

What is backyard scavenger hunt? ›

A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list, usually without purchasing them. Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate.

What are some good scavenger hunt clues for kids? ›

Some good scavenger hunt clues for kids include:
  • If you want to eat, then take a seat! (Dining room chair)
  • One of me per day keeps the doctor away. (Apple)
  • I can't mix batter, but I can bake a cake. (Oven)
  • I come in pairs, I'm easy to lose, I go between your feet and your shoes. (Socks)
Nov 30, 2022

What do you put at the end of a scavenger hunt? ›

Put a prize at the end.

End your scavenger hunt with a surprise, like a piece of candy, a small toy or even someone's birthday gift.

Where is the last one to leave a treasure hunt? ›

This Treasure Hunt takes place west of Esperanza, on the edge of Roja Bay. Read the note near the door of the electrical substation to begin this side mission. Your objective is to restore power in order to unlock the substation. There are three switches that need to be activated to restore the power.

What has 5 fingers but is not alive? ›

Therefore, the right answer of this riddle is a glove which is not alive but have five fingers. Was this answer helpful?

What can fly but no wings? ›

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What has a single eye but Cannot? ›

Invisibility cloak

Was this answer helpful?

What is the most common scavenger? ›

Vultures are the most common type of obligate scavenger. They rely on the carrion found on rotting carcasses to make up the majority of their diet. Vulture species are the best (and one of the few) examples of obligate scavengers.

What animal would be a scavenger? ›

Hyenas are a specialized type of carnivore called a scavenger. Scavengers consume the bodies of animals the scavenger did not kill. Most hyenas are also hunters. A scavenger is an organism that mostly consumes decaying biomass, such as meat or rotting plant material.

Which animal is scavenger? ›

Vultures are scavengers. They feed on dead animals.

How do you play scavenger hunt for adults? ›

To play an indoor scavenger hunt, first give everyone a list of all the items to be found, riddles to guess, and challenges to make. Divide people into groups or let each participant do their quest individually. Set the game rules and let everyone complete the scavenger hunt as fast as they can.

How do you write a riddle clue? ›

Riddle Tips
  1. Come up with an answer. If you know your answer, you can brainstorm how to ask the right questions. ...
  2. Describe your answer. Color, shape, smell, taste, sound, uses. ...
  3. Write your riddle! It doesn't have to rhyme, but if you want it too, work hard to come up with questions that rhyme. ...
  4. Rewrite!
Nov 6, 2012

How to do a birthday scavenger hunt? ›

Here's how to start the fun tradition with your kid.
  1. First, decide where to hide the gift. ...
  2. Next, assess your home to figure out where the other clues should go. ...
  3. Base the number of clues on your child's age. ...
  4. Fill in a birthday card with your first clue. ...
  5. Jot down the rest of the clues on slips of paper.
Oct 5, 2005

How do you make a cute scavenger hunt? ›

How to Plan a Romantic Treasure Hunt
  1. 1 Choose the location of the final treasure first.
  2. 2 Map out your route.
  3. 3 Choose small gifts to plant at each stop.
  4. 4 Design the cards to write your clues on.
  5. 5 Introduce the idea of the hunt in the first clue.
  6. 6 Write riddle clues if your partner likes to solve puzzles.

What is a Christmas scavenger hunt? ›

Holiday scavenger hunts are games where players compete to retrieve seasonal items or perform festive tasks. For example, you might hunt for a candy cane or sing a few lines of Jingle Bells. Holiday scavenger hunt templates are lists of clues, prompts, and items that serve as a starting point for the activity.

What are good prizes for scavenger hunts for adults? ›

The perfect prize doesn't have to be an expensive item. It can be a simple coupon for a romantic dinner for two or a nice bottle of wine. You may even want to consider giving everyone a prize, such as movie tickets or a loot bag. Anything is fine, as long as it's not as good as the first-place prize.

Who wins a scavenger hunt? ›

The winner of a scavenger hunt is usually either the first person or team to obtain all items on the list or the person or team who obtains the most items from the list within a set period of time. The prizes for winning a scavenger hunt can be as wacky as the items on the list. Who started this fun tradition?

What to give out as prizes? ›

Year-Round Prize Ideas
  • Automotive. Win a Car. Lease for a Year. ...
  • Local Events. Ticket Packages to Event. Meal Vouchers or Tickets. ...
  • Pets. Pet Food for a Year. Grooming for a Year. ...
  • Fan Spirit. Tickets to Big Games. ...
  • Creative & Talent. Tickets to Local Art & Music Shows. ...
  • Music, Movies, & TV. 102. ...
  • Beauty. 106. ...
  • Restaurants & Bars. 108.

How do you plan a fun scavenger hunt? ›

How to organise a scavenger hunt in 10 steps
  1. Consider a ticketing platform. ...
  2. Scout out locations. ...
  3. Plan the route. ...
  4. Write the clues. ...
  5. Recruit confederates. ...
  6. Distribute the clues. ...
  7. Create a backup plan. ...
  8. Include small rewards.
Oct 15, 2019

How do you do a school scavenger hunt? ›

How-To Do a Scavenger Hunt in Your Classroom
  1. Gather Scavenger Hunt Sets or Resources. ...
  2. Print and laminate all materials for repeated year-to-year use. ...
  3. Place reading cards or resources all around the classroom (or school). ...
  4. Assign students partners or into small groups.
Jun 20, 2016

What's the easiest thing to hunt? ›

Here are some great options for what beginners should hunt.
  • Pheasants. Pheasant is a classic option for hunting and an excellent choice for beginners. ...
  • Raccoons. Not only are raccoons an easy option for someone just getting into hunting, but there is also some great utility that comes with hunting raccoons. ...
  • Rabbits. ...
  • Turkeys.
Mar 9, 2022

How do you make a 10 year old scavenger hunt? ›

How to Plan a Treasure Hunt for Kids
  1. Choose a location for your treasure hunt for kids. ...
  2. Choose a theme and format for your kid's treasure hunt. ...
  3. Decide where you will hide your treasure, and work backwards. ...
  4. Create your kids' treasure hunt clues. ...
  5. Do a final treasure hunt run-through.

What is the rule of scavenger hunt? ›

Use pictures, numbers and words to create your list. Create a time limit (optional). Give children the list and let them scavenge around and find, smell or do all of the things on their list. The player or team who ticks everything off on their list first, or ticks off the most items before the time is up, wins.

What is color scavenger hunt? ›

Write “Color Scavenger Hunt” at the top of your white paper lunch bag. 2. Choose the colors you want the children to hunt for and use your colored markers to scribble small squares onto the front of the bag of each color. 3. Pass out the bags to the children and let them have fun finding all of the colors on the bag.

What is scavenger hunt Icebreaker? ›

Ice Breaker: Human Scavenger Hunt

The first person to get each box filled in has the opportunity to win.. IF they can identify each person in the room based on their answers! If the winner can successfully identify all students from their board, then we have a winner.

What are the three words scavenger hunt? ›

What to do
  • Make a surprise for your friend, this will be your treasure. ...
  • Decide where you are going to 'hide' the treasure for your friend. ...
  • Go to what3words and work out the three words for the location where you have left the treasure. ...
  • Place your treasure in position.
  • Share the three word reference with your friend.

What is a vocabulary scavenger hunt? ›

In a vocabulary scavenger hunt, students “hunt” for target words or the way those words are represented in books, magazines, articles on the web, in school, or at home. For example, they either look for the word “quickly” or an example of something that was moving quickly.

How to do a mall scavenger hunt? ›

Give each group a list, and a pen. Let each group choose one person to check off items as they are found. Make sure there is only one phone per group used to take the pictures for the scavenger hunt. It is fun for each person to get a “prize” at the end of the photo scavenger hunt.

What do you call the spoils of a hunt? ›

Some common synonyms of loot are booty, plunder, prize, spoils, and spoil.

Where is Olaf scavenger hunt? ›

Where to Find Olaf in Olaf's Holiday Tradition Expedition Scavenger Hunt. Canada: You can find Olaf with gingerbread on the path on the way to the Kidcot station. You'll see Olaf if you look past the water.

Where is the last one to leave? ›

The Last One to Leave location: Found in Casas del Lodo Residences, which is south of Roya Jay in Esperanza.

Where is the key for a little birdie told me? ›

Jump on a nearby jetski and follow him until he lands on a small island. He will settle near a loot chest with a flare in front of it. The chest is locked, however. Feed Danilo one last time to receive the key to the chest.

What can run but Cannot walk? ›

Answer: A River!

What are some animal riddles? ›

Farm animal riddles
  • I'm a pet that has four legs, and a tail at the end. ...
  • I am a type of animal. ...
  • They live in a field. ...
  • I can honk without using a horn. ...
  • I stink in living but when dead smells good. ...
  • It's grey, but it's not a wolf, ...
  • You might be called this animal If someone thinks that you're afraid. ...
  • I live on a farm.

What flower has two lips? ›

Tulips (Two Lips) For Lovers Flower Bouquet.

What goes to Z to A? ›

9. The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go Z to A. What am I? Answer: A zebra.

What is ABC scavenger hunt? ›

The idea behind this alphabet scavenger hunt is to have kids go around the house (or you could do it outside) and find things that start with the different letters of the alphabet. I've included the letters and a line for each letter where they can write down the item they find, instead of crossing it out.

How do you give clues to a scavenger hunt? ›

The most common way to give treasure hunt clues is to create a trail, so that the answer to one clue reveals the next one. You can either write the riddle on a piece of paper hidden at the chosen location, or enter the puzzles into an online treasure hunt app that gives clues one by one.

What has fingers but not alive? ›

Therefore, the right answer of this riddle is a glove which is not alive but have five fingers. Was this answer helpful?

What has foot but not a leg? ›

What has a foot but no leg? The answer is Ruler.


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