Where to Buy Kitchen Worktops in Auckland: A Pro Guide - Exploring Auckland (2023)

To help you find the best kitchen worktops in Auckland, we turn to Lauren,professional kitchen designerto share their knowledge with you.

Whether you're building your dream kitchen or renovating an existing space, Lauren has over 14 years of experience in the kitchen industry in the City of Sails. With her knowledge you will be able to find out exactly what you want and discover the best places to buy kitchen worktops in Auckland.

Looking for a new kitchen but struggling to find a good source for your beautiful new countertop?
Based on extensive experience, research and professional word of mouth, I have compiled a definitive list of the best places to buy kitchen worktops in Auckland.

Before you start shopping for a new (potentially expensive) countertop, it's important to first understand the different surfaces on offer. A basic understanding of the options out there and what some of the terminology means can be a great first step in helping you decide which product will work best for you and your project.

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Kitchen Countertop Materials: Which is Best?

Natural Banks in Auckland


Marble is a natural product extracted from the earth. It is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone mined from a select number of quarries around the world.

Usually white with colored streaks or veining, it can be polished to create a luxurious feel in any new kitchen.

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Granite is a very hard granular crystalline igneous rock, composed mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar.

Like marble, it is a natural product extracted from various quarries around the world.

Being the second hardest stone known to man, it is the most common natural stone choice due to its adaptability and superior performance characteristics. Preferred in kitchens, it does not fade, has a great shine, requires almost no maintenance and, when installed correctly, is very durable.

When choosing your granite or marble countertop. Most manufacturers will have large signs of their products in the showroom or at the back of the factory. With granite and marble, as they are made in nature and therefore the patterns are not uniform. It's good to ask to see the entire slab and select the part of the stone you like. as grain and grain can vary widely across an entire slab.


Composed mainly of calcium carbonate crystals (but also with fragments of marine organisms such as coral), limestone is a multipurpose rock.

This stone is easily accessible and easy to cut into blocks as needed for a kitchen counter. It is also long-lasting and resists exposure. for these reasons, it makes a great (and attractive) countertop material.

Pro tip: SCE Stone has a limestone collection in its range.

solid wood

Solid wood is a product that is exactly what it says it is. the wood is cut directly from the tree in length form.

Due to its natural condition, it contains the imperfections and knots that you would expect to see in this product. These differences in the wood ensure that each piece is unique.

If any damage occurs to a solid wood bench, it is easy to sand it, restoring its beautiful appearance. This is a clear advantage of natural wood. Unfortunately though, wood like this can be expensive - especially with slow growing species.

While any wood can be used for countertops, certain species are more suitable due to their strength. We recommend discussing this with the local manufacturer.

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Synthetic/engineered materials

engineered stone

Engineered stone is a man-made composite material consisting of crushed stone (quartz). They are then glued together with an adhesive (usually polymer resin). For aesthetic reasons it can also contain other materials such as colored glass, shells, metals or even small pieces of mirror.

It can be used in all the same areas as other slab stones such as marble and granite and gives these materials real value for money. In fact, engineered stone tops are often preferred over natural stone for its resilient properties. they are often more resistant to stains, scratches and heat than natural stones.

Since these countertops are also non-porous, they are a healthier option. Also, it is generally more uniform in structure than natural stones.

Well-known examples of branded engineering stones are Caesarstone, Silestone and Dekton.


Porcelain countertops (also known as ceramic countertops) are formed by heating materials in an oven to extremely high temperatures.

Although definitions vary, porcelain can be divided into three main classifications: hard paste, soft paste and porcelain. The class to which a ceramic object belongs depends on the configuration of the paste used to make the body of the porcelain object and the firing conditions. Hard paste is generally fired at around 1400°C with soft paste being fired at 1200°C.

Kitchen countertops and splashbacks are usually made from a hard porcelain paste, such as. Due to the high firing temperature, the finished surface is generally easy to clean, as well as high temperature and scratch resistant.

With the versatility of thicker and thinner cuts, porcelain is also a common choice for exterior surfaces, walls, floors and bathroom countertops. This makes it easy to connect your kitchen with other features in your home.

Pro tip: Granite Workshop and SCE Stone carry this product in their lineup.

solid surface

Composed of acrylic resin and natural minerals, Solid Surface is a non-porous, low-maintenance composite material. It can imitate the look of granite, marble or stone. The joints are almost invisible, making it a popular choice for kitchen counters - especially long ones.

Corian is the original solid surface brand created by DuPont in 1967. Even now, it must be sold and installed by a certified DuPont installer.

Manufactured in three thicknesses (6mm, 12mm and 19mm), it is extremely versatile and popular in both the residential and commercial markets.

As a bonus, this brand offers a 10-year warranty that covers both the product and installation for residential interior applications. What great peace of mind to have in your new kitchen!

Stainless steel

Common in older kitchens, stainless steel is a form of metal. It comes from an iron-based alloy group and contains at least 11% chromium. This material has seen a resurgence in recent years and is now popular in industrial-style homes.

Stainless steel offers an excellent solution for kitchen countertops as it is stain and rust resistant. It is also easily sterilized and very durable.

If you have a busy kitchen that requires a durable, low-maintenance material, stainless steel could be the solution for you.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

High Pressure Laminate Countertops (also known as Formica) offer a great low-cost solution for renovators and builders.

These surfaces are made of resin-saturated cellulose layers, which are bonded together under heat and high pressure. hence the name. The finished product is quite thin – around 6mm thick – so it is usually laminated onto another surface. The most used substrates are chipboard and MDF, as they are durable, stable and economical.

Originally known by the dominant brand (Formica), there are now several brands, including Wilsonart, that offer this type of product.

Due to their low price, HPL countertops are usually manufactured by a kitchen company or outsourced to a company that specializes in this type of product.

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Auckland kitchen worktops: the best places to buy

granite laboratory

Founded over 20 years ago,granite laboratoryare award-winning partners with extensive experience in the stone countertop industry. No wonder it's the place to buy kitchen worktops in Auckland!

Proudly Kiwi and family owned and operated, they are experts in stone, both in craftsmanship and installation. They are known for creating custom solutions that fit kitchens big or small (and any budget).

They work with a premium selection of materials, import directly and can be purchased from leading stone brands. Granite Workshop incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and machinery (including Italian waterjet technology). Because of this, they consistently produce high quality products in all stone countertops, from granite and marble to porcelain and ultra-solid surfaces, as well as popular engineered stone and quartzite.

Walking through the showroom is always one of my favorite things to do. with full slabs of stone products on display, it's easy to choose the type of stone you're looking for.

In addition to offering the usual materials of granite, marble, engineered stone and porcelain, Granite Workshop also works with quartzite. This is a natural marble-look stone that is heat and stain resistant. They also offer dolomite which provides the sought after marble-like ribbed aesthetic while also being more durable and less porous.

Granite Workshop is a friendly team and can certainly handle all your countertop needs.

Visite: 209b Archers Road, Glenfield, Auckland
Phone: 09 443 1064

Stone and Joinery Solutions (SJS) – Formerly known as PSP Stonecraft

SJS is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of kitchen worktops in the North Shore, Auckland,

I had the pleasure of working almost exclusively with the PSP when I started working as a case designer in the early 2000s.

Founded in 1997, they've been busy establishing themselves in the countertop market. Fast forward 23 years to the day and not only are they still going strong, they are one of the best places to buy tents in Auckland.

SJS specializes in a wide range of products (including but not limited to granite, marble, engineered stone and porcelain). Their team also brings over 50 years of manufacturing and installation experience.

Originally known as PSP Stonecraft, they now offer a complete solution for kitchen customers, operating under the brandStone and Joinery Solutions (SJS). Comprised of PSP Stonecraft's countertop fabrication business and their woodworking team, they supply innovative, high-quality countertops in granite, marble, porcelain, acrylic and engineered stone. Additionally, they provide decorative MDF boards, splash/wet wall coverings, and architectural embossed self-adhesive films.

The SJS showroom is open during business hours on weekdays or by appointment on Saturdays. With that knowledge, we suggest you stop to discuss your next project.

You'll find them just off Wairau Road on Auckland's north coast.

Visite: 28 Poland Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland
Telephone: 09 442 5922

SCE Stone & Design

This wonderful company is a private and family business. It works since the beginning of the century (under various names).

They offer complete solutions from initial design to installation and maintenance. SCE is also active in residential and commercial spaces, along with the superyacht industry.

They carry a wide range of stocks including marble, granite, limestone, porcelain and ceramics. having worked withSCE Stone & Designon many projects, I can attest to their impressive product selection!

With advanced technology, CAD programming and controlled waterjet cutting technology, they have extensive knowledge. The SCE Stone & Design team is ready and willing to discuss your next project – no matter how big or small.

You'll find its headquarters, large showroom and warehouse in Ellerslie. This is a great location to service the greater Auckland area.

Visit: 189 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland
Phone: 09 526 4580

AGB stone

With five factories across the country,AGB stoneserving not just Auckland but all of New Zealand.

They have one of the biggest stone factories in New Zealand. AGB Stone has also invested in all the best machines for stone surface manufacturing.

From stone surfaces as small as 12mm thick (for a streamlined, modern look) to stone cuts of up to 100mm or more for a more dramatic look, almost anything is possible with AGB Stone. Its spacious facilities house a wide variety of ceramics, granites, marbles and engineered stones.

With a highly qualified and experienced team, they will be happy to discuss your next project.

Visite: 34 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland
Telephone: 09 825 1030

Pacific stainless 2000 limited

Located in Avondale,pacific stainlesswas founded in 1999. Leading the business for over twenty years is a testament to their skill and knowledge using this versatile metal. Their rich experience can be seen in the variety of products they sell.

They dominate commercial and residential areas. Pacific Inoco can design, engineer and manufacture stainless steel products for any area. Its surfaces are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Pacific Stainless has many qualified stainless steel fabricators working in its factory. They have a dedicated design engineer and are well equipped to discuss your project. With their exclusive selection of stainless steel finishes, your project will be at its best.

Visite: 681 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland
Phone: 09 820 7278

Kings Woodworking Company – a woodworking company

For obvious reasons, solid wood structures tend to be located outside the city. having worked withKings Wood Working Company, I promise it's worth getting out of town.

Located in Maungaturoto, in the Kaipara district (north of Auckland), this company has been in the timber business for generations.

Each of her pieces is exclusively handcrafted. none of their products are mass-produced.

Reis is synonymous with quality.

If wood is the direction you would like to go, I advise you to contact the kings.

Fone: 0800 149 663

Auckland is spoiled for choice with amazing shopping. However, knowing where to go makes all the difference.

We hope this guide has helped make this important decision a lot easier.

All the best for your next renovation/build. While it may seem difficult now, wait until you're in your new dream space, making the most of it!

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