Wilsonart unveils expanding Quartz, Solid Surface and THINSCAPE collections (2023)

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TEMPLE, Texas, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From a new natural matte finish to beautiful dark stone designs and modern concrete styles,Art Wilson, a world leader in engineered surfaces, combines beauty and performance with new surface offerings designed to deliver your vision. Nature-inspired, real-world-ready surfaces deliver high-impact style and performance for residential and commercial environments. New designs in three collections includingWilsonart® Quartz,Wilsonart® solid surface, eWilsonart® THINSCAPE® Performance Tops, offers the best portfolio of offers for all tastes, spaces and budgets.

“With 19 new designs across three collections, Wilsonart is focused on providing options that will deliver your vision with surfaces you love, service you can count on and people who care. Through the power of engineering and ingenuity, our designers drew inspiration from nature to create innovative surfaces that bring spaces to life and meet every functional, aesthetic and financial need," said Danielle Mikesell, Global Vice President of Marketing and Design at Wilsonart . . "The new designs are suitable for any environment and are ready to inspire tactile perfection and unique design possibilities."

New designs in each collection include:

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Wilsonart QuartzSnow resting on frozen branches. Ethereal clouds on the sea horizon. Wilsonart Quartz reflects extraordinary scenes from nature like never before with 10 new designs inspired by the world around us. With looks ranging from soapstone to the coveted rare beauty of deep-veined Calacatta marbles, these new styles offer an elegant, calm look perfect for any space. Reflecting current home trends, the expanded Quartz collection also includes a new natural matte finish that will be available on select portfolio designs. Plans include: Â

  • Terlingua (Q6024) -Terlingua is a whitish quartz with a slightly sandy bottom and short warm brown veins throughout the pattern.
  • Santo Angelo (Q6025) -San Angelo is a light gray quartz with a slightly sandy bottom and short, fine warm brown veins throughout.
  • Calacatta Marliana (Q4066) -Calacatta Marliana has large-scale warm gray veins running diagonally across the plate, occasionally edged with light brown tones. Thin veins in cool gray and golden brown run through the light white background of this design.
  • Calacatta Olympos (Q4067) -Calacatta Olympos consists of a cool white background offset by long, thin cool gray and brown veins that extend and converge throughout. Occasionally, pale gray pools appear along the length, giving Calacatta a unique appearance.
  • Nova Serrana (Q4068) -Nova Serrana is a charcoal gray design reminiscent of oiled soapstone. The dark mottled background is crossed by long, thin veins of deep black and faded veins of soft white. This design is only available in a natural matte finish.
  • Newfoundland (Q4069) -Terra Nova is a light, neutral background accented by large-scale organic surfaces from bright white to tau gold that disappear in and out of the design. These streaks occasionally break open to expose small, whitish-colored puddles. Terra Nova is only available in a natural matte finish.
  • Kastoria (Q4071) -Kastoria consists of a bright white background with dense broken surfaces of large-scale blue-gray veins. Smooth, short gray-brown veins also occasionally occur.
  • Alvarado (Q4072) -Alvarado contains a slightly mottled off-white background, adorned with short, small-scale veins ranging from brown to warm grey.
  • Victoria Mist (Q4073) -Victoria Mist is a brilliant white quartz that is slightly translucent. Long, thin gray veins run across the entire slab, creating a convincing marble look.
  • Sea Ice (Q1024) -Bright solid white.

Wilsonart Quartz offers incredible strength and versatility, allowing design professionals and homeowners alike to reimagine their style story without boundaries. Maintains its shine even in the most used areas. All Wilsonart quartz designs are extremely durable, easy to maintain and clean, and stain resistant. Wilsonart Quartz also recently received the Declare Seal from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), which details the sanitary composition of building products to inform consumers about the safety of the products they use every day. For more information on Wilsonart Quartz, visithttps://www.wilsonart.com/quartz.

Wilsonart solid surfaceThe Wilsonart Solid Surface collection captures the movements and nuances of nature in six modern new designs. Blurring the lines between manufactured and natural materials, the collection's dynamic designs take realism to a new level, providing the look and feel of authentic marble, concrete and stone with a scale, definition and variation you won't find anywhere else. New hues range from warm taupes, charcoal grays and metallic powders to a full range of cool, bright, smooth whites. Capturing the look of concrete, the new Masoned Concrete imbues a patina of comfort and touch with its smooth linear movement. To add a relaxing and transformative nature that will give a creative touch to enhance your decor is the new Calacatta Perlato. The design's soft, pearlescent silver and gold veins seem to dance in the light. Plans include:

  • Cannon Beach (9250SS) -Cannon Beach is a warm gray color that contains a very fine matrix of transparent and occasional brown particles that impart a deeper tone-on-tone effect to the gray background.
  • Fresh Basalt (9251SS) -Cool Basalt is a dark gray design. Small, transparent and fine gray particles give a slightly tactile appearance.
  • Concrete Masonry (9252SS) -Masoned Concrete has smooth, large-scale linear movement in various shades of warm gray that run laterally across the slab. A series of fine to small transparent particles deepen tones and give a textured effect reminiscent of concrete.
  • Concreto Basal (9254SS) -Basalt Concrete has smooth, large-scale linear movement in varying shades of dark gray that extend laterally across the slab. An array of fine to tiny transparent particles adds depth. The overall effect looks textured and reminiscent of dark, cold concrete.
  • Calacatta Pearl (9913SS) -Calacatta Perlato is a warm white, translucent, large-scale pattern with pearlescent veins of silver and gold that vary in appearance depending on the viewing angle of the slab.
  • Carbon Marble (9914SS) -Carbone Marmo contains an anthracite gray background with a dense matrix of very fine white and carbon particles, complemented by an ultra-fine silver metallic powder. Light gray veins cross the slab diagonally and are sometimes fragmented by smooth vertical veins. The appearance of this design is reminiscent of dark soapstone.

Virtually seamless and pore-free, Wilsonart Solid Surface products are naturally resistant to fading, heat and most stains and will not support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria - making them ideal for use in residential and commercial kitchens, bathrooms , laundries and much more. . These surfaces are also durable, repairable and thermoformable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. For more information on Wilsonart Solid Surface, visithttps://www.wilsonart.com/solid-surfaces.

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Art Wilson THINSCAP performance uppersFollowing the growing demand for its ultra-thin European-style countertops, Wilsonart is adding three stone designs - Soluna, Sea Line Mist and Pietra Noir - to its THINSCAPE Performance Tops collection. With a subtle and sophisticated movement, the new offerings range from neutral tones to beautiful dark stone finishes, usually exclusively in natural stone or premium materials. Plans include:

  • Left (TS511)- Soluna is a textured white marble stone with refined veins of warm copper. This design has a Luster finish with a semi-gloss shine and a smooth surface.
  • Marine Line Mist (TS315)- Sea Line Mist is a light gray quartzite stone with organic directional movement and warm quartz crystal tones. This design has a sandblasted finish that creates a smooth, lightly textured, ultra-matte surface.
  • Black Stone (TS405)- Pietra Noir is a black marble with elegant transverse white veins. It also features a Luster finish, which provides a semi-gloss shine and smooth surface.

Wilsonart THINSCAPE performance tops offer a minimalist style that blends well with modern spaces, blending on-trend aesthetics with everyday durability. Performance is not sacrificed in the seat's sleek and stylish profile. Instead, it offers exceptional durability with impact, heat, scratch, and moisture resistance. THINSCAPE Performance countertops are ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, laundry countertops and commercial applications in hospitality, office and retail environments. For more information on THINSCAPE Performance Shirts, visithttps://www.wilsonart.com/thinscape.ONE

“At Wilsonart, we are constantly innovating and expanding our offerings,” added Mikesell. “This release brings new colors, new textures and a whole new range of movement that expands the possibilities of surfaces.

For more information on Wilsonart® Home products, visitwww.Wilsonart.com.

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About to WilsonartWilsonart, a world leader in engineered surfaces, is driven by a mission to create surfaces people love, with service they can trust, delivered by people who care. The company manufactures and distributes high pressure laminate, coordinated TFL and edgebanding, quartz, solid surface, epoxy and other decorative surfaces designed for use in office, education, healthcare, home, hospitality and retail markets. Operating under the brands Wilsonart®, Arborite®, Bushboard, Durcon®, KML, Laminart®, Mermaidâ¢, New Leafâ¢, Polyrey®, Ralph Wilson®, Resopal®, Shore®, Technistone® and Wetwallâ, the company is constantly redefining decorative surfaces through enhanced performance and award-winning designs.

For more information visitwww.wilsonart.com, or connect with us atFacebook,Houzz,pinterest,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn, eYouTube.

Kate Kremin L.C. Williams & Associates[email protected](312) 565-4611

Wilsonart unveils expanding Quartz, Solid Surface and THINSCAPE collections (1)Wilsonart unveils expanding Quartz, Solid Surface and THINSCAPE collections (2)

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Wilsonart unveils expanding Quartz, Solid Surface and THINSCAPE collections (3)

Fonte: Wilsonart

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