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X NINE Member Profile: X NINE Facts
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (1)
X NO(X Jiu Youth Group) is a Chinese boy band under Wajijiwa Entertainment, currently composed of 8 members:Xiao Zhan, Gu Jiacheng, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, Guo Zifan, Zhao Lei, Xia Zhiguang, jyan xu jiaThey were founded by EE Media, Tencent Video and SM Entertainment's joint Chinese idol survival show X-FIRE (火热吧少年) and debuted on September 28, 2016 with the song "In My Name".

X NINE Fandom-Name:dimple
X NINE Official Color: Rosa

X NINE Official Accounts
Weibo:x nine boys

Profile of X NINE members:
Xiao Zhan
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (2)
Artist name:Xiao Zhan (肖战)
Birth Name:Xiao Zhan (肖战)
Position:Main Vocalist, Visual
Birthday:5. October 1991
Star sign:Scale
Height:183cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @zhanxiao1005_
Weibo: Jugendliga X Jiu Xiao Zhan DIESES

Data of Xiao Zhan:
-She was born in Chongqing.
-He was a graphic designer before joining X-FIRE. He attended the CTBU International Academy of Modern Art Design.
-His fans are called "Xiao Fei Xia" which means "Peter Pan".
-His nickname is "Zhan Zhan".
-She loves cats and she has one.
-Fans say he looks like a rabbit because of his buck teeth.
- He is often described as a good person.
- He plays many acting roles and was the male lead in X-NINE's first web drama 'Super Star Academy'.
-Have a Mandarin Chinese certificate at high school level.
-He is one of the best cooks in X NINE.
-You were not initially selected for membership.
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gu jiacheng
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (3)
Artist name: Gu Jiacheng (Gu Jiacheng)
Birth Name:Gu Jiacheng (Gu Jiacheng)
Position:Rapper, Visuals
Birthday:19. June 1992
Star sign:Twins
Height:178cm (5'10″)
Weight:67 kg (147 pounds)
Blood type:B
Instagram: @jason619rr
Weibo: X Nine Juvenile League Gu Jiacheng BAE

Data from Gu Jiacheng:
-Nació en Kunming, Yunnan.
-His nickname is "Lao Gu".
-His name is in EnglishJason.
-He attended Chengdu Sports University.
-His fans are called "Cheng Guan" which means "City Manager".
- Refused an offer from the University of Oregon to join X-FIRE.
-He is the quietest member but his members find him funny when he talks.
-He can speak some English.
- He played the male lead in the second X NINE Web drama 'Oh! my Lord."
- He wrote his own rap verse to the X NINE song 'Fervor'.
-He loves basketball and the NBA.
- He likes to collect new gadgets and small toys.
- His mother calls him "Mao Mao".
-He wanted to be a pilot since he was a kid, but he stopped because of his eyesight.
-When he travels he likes extreme activities like scuba diving, paragliding and skydiving.

Wu Jiacheng
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (4)
Artist name:Wu Jiacheng (吴嘉成)
Birth Name:Wu Jiacheng (吴嘉成)
Position:Leader, main singer
Birthday:July 18, 1993
Star sign:Krebs
Height:178cm (5'10″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @x9wu5
Weibo: X nine youth group Wu Jiachen

(Video) profile Member XNINE

Data of Wu Jiacheng:
-She was born in Taishan, Guangdong.
-Their fans are called "Wu Ren", which translates to "Five Kernels".
-Sus apodos: „Xiao Wu / Lu Dan“.
-His name is in Englishkatt.
-He attended the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and studied musicals.
-Her musical idols are Beyoncé and Wang Leehom.
-He prides himself on having tanned skin.
-The other members call him the best photographer in the group.
-He owns 5 cats (his 2 cats gave birth to 3 kittens).
-He has unique teeth that look like tiger teeth.
–He doesn't like receiving gifts from fans except those who are related to him.
-He's emotional but super talkative.
He has an older sister.
-He is one of the best cooks in X-NINE.
– He likes Cantonese cuisine and soup.
-Fue concursante de „Chao Yin Zhan Ji (Die Zusammenarbeit)“.
- He was involved in writing and producing his first solo song 'A Docile Cat'.

Peng Chuyue
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (5)
Artist name:Peng-Chuyue (Peng-Chuyue)
Birth Name:Peng-Chuyue (Peng-Chuyue)
Position:Leader, main singer
nationality: Chino
Birthday:16. October 1993
Star sign:Scale
Height:183cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @pengchuyue
Weibo: X nine youth group Peng Chuyue

Data of Peng Chuyue:
-She was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong.
-Sus apodos: „Xiao Yue / Yue Yue / Huan Huan“.
-His fans are called “D.K. (Dark Knight)".
-He attended Xinghai Conservatory of Music withWu JiachengThey were college friends.
-He made his own solo concert pre-debut.
-His musical idols areVirgojBritney Spears.
- He often posts to raise awareness of social issues on Weibo.
-She has her own style of fashion, it used to take her hours to decide and change accordinglyZifan.
-His members like to make fun of him by posting memes of him.
-You were not initially selected for membership.
– He competed in the survival show “Produce Camp 2019” and placed 17th.

Guo Zifan
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (6)
Artist name:Guo Zifan (Guo Zifan)
Birth Name:Guo Zifan (Guo Zifan)
Position:Lead Dancer, Subsinger
Birthday:July 11, 1997
Star sign:Krebs
Height:175cm (5'9″)
Blood type:A
Weibo: X Liga Juvenil Jiu – Guo Zifan G-Ziven

Daten von Guo Zifan:
-She was born in Qingdao, Shandong.
-His nickname is "Fan Fan".
-Her fans are called "Zi Shu", which translates to "Purple Potato".
-Currently he is attending Beijing Film Academy to study acting and got first place in his art exam.
-His favorite activity is washing shoes.
He has a tsundere personality.
- Most of the clothes he likes to wear are black or white.
- He said he can live without a phone.
-She loves stuffed animals.

Zhao Lei
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (7)
Artist name:Zhao Lei (赵雷)
Birth Name:Zhao Lei (赵雷)
Position:main singer
Birthday:1 January 1999
Star sign:Capricorn
Height:183cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @zhaoleiray
Weibo: X nine youth group Zhao Lei

Information about Zhao Lei:
– She was born in Chengdu, Sichuan but moved to Xiamen, Fujian when she was young.
-Sus apodos: „Leilei / Lei-ge“
- Her fans are called "Xiao Tuan Zi", which translates to "little dumplings".
-Plays guitar, piano and ukulele.
-He loves to travel. When he turned 18, he traveled alone to Turkey.
-Currently he attends Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studies theater and gets 4th place in his art exam.
-He owns two hamsters as pets.
-She has a very soft personality.
-He's a fan of order.
-He loves to take selfies.
-He has a younger sister.
-Participated in the survival show “Produce Camp 2019” and placed 10th and debuted in the winning groupR1SE.

Xia Zhiguang
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (8)
Artist name:Xia Zhiguang (Xia Zhiguang)
Birth Name:Xia Zhiguang (Xia Zhiguang)
Position:Lead Dancer, Subsinger
Birthday:4 January 2000
Star sign:Capricorn
Height:183cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @x_lightxzg
Weibo: X nueve grupo juvenile Xia Zhiguang

Daten von Xia Zhiguang:
- Geboren in Hefei, Anhui.
-Sus apodos: „Guangguang/Guang-ge“
-Your name means "summer light".
-Her fans are called "Ji Guang", which means "Aurora".
-She has 7 cats (her 2 cats gave birth to 5 kittens) but one of her cats passed away.
– He is currently attending Shanghai Theater Academy, studying acting and ranks 3rd in his art exam.
-His members describe him as "impish".
-Although he doesn't like to admit he's the "cute" member, members say he's naturally the cutest.
-He has a secondary account on Weibo.
-He learns to choreograph dances.
-You were not initially selected for membership.
- She was a contestant on survival show Produce Camp 2019 and placed 4th and debuted in the winning groupR1SE.

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yan xu jia
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (9)
Artist name:yan xu jia
Birth Name:yan xu jia
Position:Rapper, youngest
Birthday:23. September 2001
Star sign:Scale
Height:184cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @dyan808bass
Weibo: Yan Xujia, Liga Juvenil X Nine

Daten von Yan Xujia:
-She was born in Yantai, Shandong.
He was a child actor.
-He can speak some English, and his English name isDavis.
-Her nickname is "Jia Jia".
-His fans are called "Jia Fei Mao" which means "Garfield".
- He wrote his own rap verse to the X NINE song 'Fervor'.
-He can play the piano.
He has a younger brother.
- He used to wear braces.
-He loves doing popular dance moves (especially dabbing).
- When he turned 17, he released a solo song called '17' which he wrote and produced.
-Recording a commercial for learning English withCai Xukunvonnine percentwhen he was younger.
-You were not initially selected for membership.
-Participated in the survival show “Produce Camp 2019” and placed 3rd and debuted in the winning groupR1SE.

Former member:
Chen Zexi
X NINE Member Profile (Updated!) (10)
Artist name:Chen Zexi (陈泽希)
Birth Name:Chen Zexi (陈泽希)
Position:rappers, dancers
Birthday:March 24, 1992
Star sign:Aries
Height:183cm (6'0″)
Blood type:
Instagram: @emnnnnnn
Weibo: Chen ZexiEmnChen/

Data of Chen Zexi:
-She was born in Changsha, Hunan.
-He studied in Canada at Carleton University.
-He speaks English.
-Some of his skills include writing rap songs, composing, video editing and choreography.
-His name is in EnglishEmn.
-You were not initially selected for membership.
-In September 2020, Chen Zexi confirmed that he has left X NINE.
-Currently he focuses on individual activities.

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